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The 2000 meter-high Daisetsuzan mountain range soars in the center; and the climate shows dynamic changes due to being surrounded by the sea on all four sides. Therefore, it is an attractive island where one can see rare natural phenomena and scenes that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Visitors from abroad have also been increasing recently. Hokkaido features many great services and sightseeing spots for foreigners.
Of course, there are many hotels and restaurants that support the incentive tour as well as various party venue selections that provide unique services and locations in all party of Hokkaido.

Plan a special trip for a special someone in Hokkaido.

Welcome to the 4 rich areas of Hokkaido

  • Central Hokkaido

    The center of economic activity in Hokkaido and a beautiful city, Sapporo. The historical and canal city, Otaru. Niseko is a world-famous, popular ski resort with powder snow. There are many exciting spots where one can enjoy sightseeing, shopping and special outdoor activities in the central Hokkaido area.

  • Southern Hokkaido

    Southern Hokkaido area was reclaimed early in Hokkaido, and boasts various places of historical and cultural importance. At the heart is Hakodate, a port town that prides itself in abundant amounts of feasts from the sea, and an exotic atmosphere created byWestern architectural structures and churches clustered around the city.

  • Northern Hokkaido

    Daisetsuzan national park, Japan’s largest national park and Rishiri Rebun Sarobetsu National Park are located in the northernmost area. You can find beauty amidst the harsh nature. In Furano and the Biei area, one can see beautiful farms reminiscent of Europe. Asahiyama zoo is popular for its “action exhibition,” where one can see how animals live in their natural habitat. It is not only popular with the Japanese, but also foreign tourists.

  • Eastern Hokkaido

    Even for Hokkaido, the Eastern Hokkaido area is particularly blessed with a rich natural environment. National parks, quasi-national parks and Ramsar Convention swamps are concentrated here. In Shiretoko national park, a registered world heritage site, one can see unique wildlife and natural landscapes. Fresh gourmet and sweets are found in the Obihiro area, which is famous for agriculture.

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  • Welcome to the 4 rich areas of Hokkaido
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